Reboot Alberta is Changing

Reboot Alberta is about to become more diverse and interesting.  It is going to be the place where the New Political Compass for Alberta will be explored, discussed and understood and, hopefully,  appreciated by Progressive Albertans.

There is a new progressive energy emerging and those people who feel it are starting to find each other.  Reboot Alberta is about to become one of the places where those Albertans, and Progressives from other places too, can come and share.

Reboot Alberta will have more contributors and commentors but none will be anonymous.  This is going to be a place of reactivated citizenship for those who value free speech and are not afraid to exercise that right.

Comments must be moderated but for legal issues and relevance only.  This is not the place to debate right versus left perceptions of politics.  This is not the place to personally slag politicians or personalities.  This site might break news but it will undoubtedly make news.

It will start off slowly and grow – deeper, wider and more interesting and vital over time.  If you want to contribute content, keep it less than 750 words, keep it civil and make it interesting to Progressives and we will publish it.

Send me your contributions to Ken Chapman at  Include your name and your analogue and digital contact information and a short bio so we all get to know each other and to appreciate each other’s perspectives and gifts.

Share this site with your Progressive friends and colleagues and encourage their participation too.


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