Alex Abboud on Alberta 3.0: Thoughts on the Way Forward

What follows is a blog post from Alex Abboud, one of the original Reboot Alberta participants.  It was originally written in November of 2009.  I thought it might be useful/helpful to republish it.  Give it a read and reflect on what has changed in Alberta since this insightful thought-piece was originally written.


Alex Abboud is attending Reboot Alberta this weekend.  He has posted his thoughts on the future of Alberta.  Alex says Alberta does not need a reboot, it needs an upgrade.  His point is that a “reboot implies that problems exist, but the current system will suffice to handle them.”

He disagrees.  Alex believes the system and paradigm that is the conventional Alberta to today must evolve.  Alex observes that “The world is changing, and what worked for us in the past is no guarantee for future success. ”  He then proceeds to discuss “…where we have come from and where we need to go.”

Alex has penned one of the most evocative blog posts on the need for a comprehensive practical and yes, nuanced, conversation on the future of Alberta.  He calls it Alberta 3.0.  Treat yourself and create some space and time to read this blog post.  You will be glad you did.

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  1. Love the work and intent of REBOOT ALBERTA. I can see this as gaining a life of its own and it is about time…. party politics aside.

    I am not sure but given that this is a start and there will be some debate, with some energy I can see it generating some significant interest and following. I have been mussing over the opportunity to bring this group to a place where you might have the potential to build significant consensus. Where there is not only an understanding but a level of agreement of intent, action and follow up. One might hope and use consensus to lever action and commitment creating substantive change or at least impact. Moving beyond the complacency and good intention.

    I use the attached as a framework to build consensus with labour and management, between diverse interests and groups. I does work and puts “I agree and will follow up” in a different light. Easy to modify but can have a profound impact and even in the absense of consensus within diverse group delivers a healthy depth of discussion.
    So for me I am convinced that there will be meaningful discussion. I know that there will be a measure of brilliance to be shared. However I am truly interested in what we do next…. Pulling conclusions together and building action rests in the process. Consensus can be powerful. Framework follows:

    Consensus Decision

    – I have heard and understand the issue(s)
    – I am satisfied that I have the best available information regarding this issue — at this time
    – I have contributed to the process of solution building and evaluation
    – I was heard
    – I am satisfied that the solution is the best decision today,
    – I can and will support the decision even if it isn’t my personal preferred solution

    Even knowing it isn’t perfect
    and believing there may be a better solution out there – “someplace”
    “somewhere” “sometime”.

    The Facilitator will ask each person if they are prepared to accept the solution, plan or/or objective as written.

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